Campus Inspiration

International design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati designed The Greene School.

Based on the concept of a learning garden – an organic space for discovery and growth – this project pushed the boundaries of school design by providing students with a porous environment in which they can seamlessly experience both technology and nature, living and studying in a collaborative way, inside the classroom and outside.

The Greene School combines an innovative architecture with forward-looking teaching methods, generating a unique learning experience.

Our south campus was designed around two central shared spaces: the ‘piazza’ and the garden. The idea of the Italian square as a welcoming gathering place has found new energy in the digital age, when each virtual relation is matched by the necessity of an encounter in the space.

The union of nature and technology is evident in many aspects of the Greene School design. For instance, all classrooms open to the outside, through a series of transparent tilt doors permitting the maximum degree of porosity between inside and out. Our newest building includes a vast array of facilities that foster socialization, including organic gardens, a fab lab and maker space to familiarize students with the basics of digital fabrication, and an athletic field and playground.