Our Vision & Mission

Our students from early childhood through high school are bright, curious, and joyful learners, whom we prepare to navigate a dynamic world.

Embracing lifelong learning beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge, we prepare students to analyze situations, make decisions, solve problems, and communicate effectively in a dynamic world.  The Greene School is dedicated to cultivating the unique nature and potential of each student and is committed to building a school community predicated on kindness and compassion. We provide a nurturing and caring environment, enhanced by a low student-teacher ratio and personalized learning approach that incorporates individualized attention, hands-on experiential learning, and a challenging and well-rounded curriculum. The Greene School creates a trusting and safe atmosphere for students to explore, question, practice, make mistakes, create, and imagine.

Our Core Values

Thoughtfully chosen, our core values support the growth of our students from Early Childhood through High School.


Be respectful, patient, and compassionate.


Do what’s right – especially when it’s difficult and when no one is looking.


Strive for excellence in all that you do.


Ask questions, wonder, and explore the world.


Find a way, or twenty.


Take a risk – be bold – make a difference.

Global Stewardship

Be a citizen of the world.